Enter Arcadia: where immersive environments tell stories of sustainability, brought to life with augmented reality, projection mapping and experiential installations. Discover responsible products and unique innovations to environmental issues in an engaging community event. Learn how simple and fun being a part of the solution can be.
Arcadia(Greek: Ἀρκαδία) in harmony with nature.
ARCADIA’s Mission is to create awareness of existing solutions to environmental problems, engage and excite guests to participate in the process, and connect individuals, brands and community organizations to enable organic action.
the Challenges
By focusing on the problems rather than the solutions, the conversation has gotten away from us - inspiring fear and confusion rather than hope and clarity.
There is too much information dispersed and no curated approach to offer the best insights.
Not tangible
Difficult to participate, connect and engage as there is no focal point to rally around.
Designed to engage the senses, emotions and imaginations of our guests, ARCADIA will curate the global community actively working on addressing these issues in a POSITIVE, MEMORABLE and SHAREABLE event.
ARCADIA will bring Land, Air, Water and Energy Solutions to life, creating immersive sensorial environments that communicate key messages in unique and shareable ways.
ARCADIA’s interactive marketplace will bring together the best products and lifestyle innovations across industries, providing guests with tangible, impactful offerings.
ARCADIA’s community hub invites everyone to be a part of the solution by forging meaningful connections with local movements, organizations and communities. #findyourway to contribute.
ARCADIA is rooted in three interconnected sections:
  • EXPERIENCE: Immersive, multimedia installations that bring the core concepts to vivid life.

  • MARKETPLACE: Curated goods and services that provide sustainable solutions for everday use.

  • COMMUNITY: An opportunity to connect with the leading minds, organizations and individuals, where guests can plug in to the broader movements and find a place to contribute.

A. Experience
B. Marketplace
C. Community
ARCADIA is made up of four elemental neighborhoods: Land, Water, Air and Energy. Each neighborhood features the three sections outlined above, with a focus on the challenges and solutions that affect our planet.
the Contents
ARCADIA believes in Thinking Globally, and Acting Locally. Each Event will tie into local organizations and highlight how our Global challenges affect the host community.
Phase 1

Art Basel Preview
December, 2018

Earth month
April, 2019
Phase 2
Arcadia Event, 2019
Location released at
Art Basel preview 2018
Phase 3
Los Angeles / Chicago

April, 2020